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Florida Sealing Products is proud to stock and service a selection of seals, packings, ARC coatings, and valve and live load systems by A.W. Chesterton, the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty industrial products.

Chesterton Mechanical Seals

  • 442 Split Mechanical Seals
  • 442-M Split Mixer Seals
  • 442-PR Split Pumping Ring Seals
  • 4400 Gas Seals
  • 4410 Slow Speed Gas Seals
  • 170 Slurry Cartridge Seals
  • 180 Heavy Duty Cartridge Seals
  • 280 Heavy Duty Cartridge Seals
  • 155 Single Seals
  • 255 Dual Seals
  • 150 General Purpose Single Seals
  • 255 General Purpose Dual Seals
  • S-10 High Performance Single Seals
  • S-20 High Performance Dual Seals
  • 186 Bellows Cartridge Single Seals
  • 286 Bellows Cartridge Dual Seals

Chesterton ARC Coatings

  • Abrasion Control
  • Pump Coatings
  • Water Front Intake
  • Replacement Ceramic Liners
  • Turnkey Installation Services and Discharge Liner Systems
  • Liners for Chemical Process Tanks
  • Concrete Repair and Protection Liners

Chesterton Valve Live Load Systems

  • High Performance Packing Solutions
  • Nuclear Certified
  • Non-Nuclear
  • Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Plants

Chesterton Mechanical Packings

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